Nov 30, 2003

Well, we went to um.. some trade place, like a flea market with a lot of rednecks, and latinos. I got a pimpass watch that shoots fire out of it. And i saw a pipe there for you, ian, but i didnt get it.HA HA. Handle that. My brother is a fucking cunt.... and we got a bb gun. He shot it in the house.. got the cat. Um..... my brother spazeed out. Suicidal bitch.Those latinos are crazy. They scare the shit out of me. I could bought some numchucks... or some um.. brass nuckes. But i didnt. Im gonna stop now. ByeHi slorg! :)

Posted at 06:33 pm by Gobi
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SERJ IS THE PWNAGE!Yeah, hes pretty awesome.
Serj kick you ass.

Anyone... if you want some good music to listen to... system of a down is fuckign great if you like rock. Im going to a party... thr 6th. Talk to me if you wanna go. My sn is gobiknowsall. I havent done much shit at all this week-end. Im just chillin and getting fat. Ill be tall so fuckit. Hi all my bestest friends. Hello abby, you're the best. I have to pee.Um., talk to me if you want to know a website about anything or are really bored.
Please.Hook me up with somefin cool too. Ok. I've been on this computer... 8 hours, and slept most of the other day.Im gonna start something cool, like a t-shirt company, or some awesome webiste, or... something. Maybe i'll start a tribe. But please, you fucker talk to me. And slorg i dont know whats pissing you off.. <--- hahaha for you.Ian you're depressing me.Next post will actually be relvant. I'll try. Bye kids.

Quote of the day: Lifes a bitch then you die so fuck the world and lets get high.

Posted at 12:00 am by Gobi
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